Affiliate Projects

This page features games, XR, and related research projects developed by Charlotte Night Owl Interactive affiliates.

Julio Bahamón (Computer Science)

Chelsea Brtis (Art & Art History)

  • decoupling: a compilation of mini interactions for dys/connect. (Mobile web) Collaboration with the Charlotte Chapter of Women in Animation: Danielle Arias, Maria Arias, Grace Bishop, Sydney Carmer, Tess Culpepper, and Ilan Hutchinson.
  • Cozy Masculinity (Windows, HTML5)
  • Side Salad (Windows – Prototype)
  • Green-washed (Windows, Web – Prototype)
  • Tummygotchi (Windows, Web – Prototype)

Heather Freeman (Art & Art History)

Jeff Murphy (Art & Art History)

Kaustavi Sarkar (Dance)

Debra Smith (Africana Studies/Communications Studies)

Audrey Smith Rorrer (Computer Science)

Meera Sridhar (Software and Information Systems)