Charlotte Night Owl Interactive is a game design and XR cooperative housed at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. This cooperative launched in January 2022 thanks to seed funding from the College of Arts + Architecture. Games and XR created by Night Owl are the products of faculty-student collaborations addressing important issues facing our communities today. As a cooperative, all funding goes back to student stipends and new project development. Through this cooperative, both students and faculty gain valuable experience working on shipped games and interactive experiences.

Are you faculty, staff, student, or a Charlotte Mecklenberg County community member interested in Charlotte Night Owl Interactive? We’re interested in pursuing projects through service-learning and community-engaged research that addresses the following broadening inclusive themes:

  • Education and Advocacy
  • Environmental Sustainability and Biodiversity
  • Civics and Government
  • Health and Wellness
  • Ethics and Social Responsibility
  • Communities and Cultures
  • Arts and Expression

To suggest a project, email heatherfreeman@uncc.edu your name, best contact information, UNC Charlotte or external affiliation, and a brief description of the proposed project.